Economics of Positive Thinking

While not strictly advertising or economics I’ve been inspired to write a quick short post.

It is a lazy Sunday morning in Noosa (taking a short break from Sydney) & I’m currently reading a great book by Michael J Fox titled “Always looking up”. It details his personal journey from world famous actor to Parkinson’s Disease sufferer & inspirational foundation patron. Great stories about challenging conventions, common place thinking and inspirational stories from Muhammad Ali, Lance Armstrong et al who faced massive challenges to achieve something in the face of adversity. I’m a huge fan of Lance Armstrong, not for just his super-human cycling achievements but what he has done with his fame and recognition for the good of all people.

I will write a more detailed post on this soon. A great read if you are looking for positive thinking, inspiration and considering creating something new in both your personal and professional life.

New inspirational book by Michael J Fox

New inspirational book by Michael J Fox

A Inspirational Human

A Inspirational Human


One response to “Economics of Positive Thinking

  1. I have been interested in Michael’s journey. I am interested in many peoples journey’s in life and how they have become better through their own positive thinking. Who has inspired them to stay strong and to persevere through the toughest of times and challenges. How they keep moving forward when, some days I’m sure, all they want to do is lay down in the fetal position and stay there. Good stories inspire and help the weak become strong. I believe that anyway. I wish more people would read great words of encouragement.
    Nice post. I’m glad you were inspired and moved to write.

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