What About Me

Hi I’m Justin and welcome to the Economics of Advertising.

I’m a passionate, restless and curious marketer that is always looking for new ways to engage, break the rules, forge new territories and create economic value for clients.

By qualification I’m an Economist from the University of Queensland (www.uq.edu.au). I’ve also got post graduate qualifications in Commerce from UQ, as well as from Griffith University which developed Australia’s first ever Masters of eCommerce program. I was lucky enough to be in their foundation intake. Somehow I fell into the world advertising, digital and direct marketing  and never looked back.

Over my career I’ve been luck enough to work with some of the smartest people in the advertising industry at agencies like Clemenger Proximity / BBDO (www.clemengerbbdo.com.au) in Brisbane where I was Group Account Director, at Wunderman / Y&R Brands in Sydney where I was Director of CRM & Planning, at Leo Burnett (www.leoburnett.com.au) where I was Head of Direct & Channel Strategy, BMF (www.bmf.com.au) – Australia’s most creatively awarded agency both domestically and internationally, where I helped establish and grow the agency’s digital and direct operations from the ground up.

Through meeting Steve Knowles (Downstream CEO) at BMF, he lured across to my current adventure as Chief Operating Officer at Downstream, Australia’s largest and fastest growing strategic Search Marketing Agency. Steve had successfully created an outstanding Search agency that was starting to dominate paid Search in Australia & New Zealand. My joining signaled Steve’s desire to go from highly successful Search agency, to becoming a highly respected diversified marketing services company held in the same esteem as BMF, Host, M&C Saatchi etc. We now see ourselves and our future as a digital performance agency. My task at Downstream has been to instill a creative / strategic level of curiosity in developing search programs for leading Australian and International brands, enhancing Downstream’s client delivery model and grow the business. So far it has been the most satisfying role in my career, due in no small way to the professional partnership and friendship Steve & I have forged since meeting.

Search currently fascinates me in many ways. It fascinates me because:

  • It is the fastest growing media on the planet
  • It is the digital medium of choice in the way consumers choose to navigate the web
  • It is a rationally priced market, where brands compete to engage with consumer thoughts and desires about products, services or content
  • It is 100% performance based – no click / no cost
  • It is immediate, every 12 hours we know how a consumers have reacted to campaigns and what economic value and ROI we’ve created for our clients
  • Through vast data sets we can accurately predict the future for a category, brand or a product
  • It signals the near future where every media (TV, Radio etc) will be digitally delivered, where prime time is anytime a consumer wants content or entertainment, where brands will rationally pay for engaged consumer attention based on a vast array of consumer centric data all facilitated through a digital media exchange in the same way the Search industry operates today

At my time away from work I love to push myself physically and break new boundaries. After running a few half marathons and shorter distance events, this year I’m running my second ever marathon in New York in early November with my wife and best friend Dominique. We are both raising desperately needed money for the Heart Foundation, if you’d like to help out please do, they are a worth cause trying to make a difference. This year I’ve also taken up road cycling with the goal of completing 3 short course triathlons this year as well. My goal is simple, a respectable time. I find it a great thing to push yourself physically against yourself, set big personal goals and train for something in the future. It is a release from the every day and allows me to totally disengage with all things work related. I also love photography, I muck around a bit. Mostly I love it as a way to capture important memories, events, people I know and special things I observe in life.

Overall if you find the way I think interesting or if you think in similar ways, I’d invite you to observe and participate in this blog. My aim is simple, to impart and exchange ideas and thoughts on the future of advertising, digital and direct marketing and how it relates to creating new models of economic value for both agencies and clients.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading and hope you come back soon….


Justin Hind

Justin Hind


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